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Swing doors can be traced back to the days of classic mansions, grand estates, and butlers. They were swung open so that visitors could be grandly announced to the lord and lady of the house. Today, you will find them in a lot of modern spaces. They are perfect for any home, as they are both functional and stylish.

What is a swing door?

Swing doors are doors that open in either direction. This is a great way to make your home more functional and your space more visible. They help to create a smooth transition between rooms whether you are coming in or going out. 


They can be installed in bedroom entrances, kitchen passageways, and areas with medium to high foot traffic. With interior swing doors like these, you really don’t need your hands free to open them (which happens most times when you are in a hurry). These are doors that swing open in both directions so you can simply simply push and they open up and close in whatever direction you wish.

What are their features

Just like barn interior doors, swinging doors are popular options for the inside of the home. They’re not just practical and functional, but they also give a unique look to any room. If you are looking to invest in one of them, here are some of the features you can expect.


  • Open in both directions: Unlike the traditional ones that can only open unidirectionally, swinging models open both ways. This allows you to walk into a room by pushing out or pulling in.
  • Made from glass panels: As a rule, these structures are made from glass, so that you can easily see what’s outside as well as what’s inside the room.
  • Closes by itself: This product is designed to close automatically after you have passed. This helps avoid any accidents, as well as saving energy.
  • Energy efficiency: They are also more energy efficient than other options as they usually do not require any power or electricity to operate.
  • Made to measure: The majority of these products are designed specifically for each specific application, which means you have to be sure of the size of your opening. However, most people opt for a swinging sliding door because space is at premium.

Where to order custom swing doors in the US?

Are you planning a home improvement project? Why not buy swing open doors. They are highly practical and deliver more aesthetic appeal to your home. But where can you get these items in the US?


At United Porte, you will find a wide selection of options including other choices like side opening doors, French wooden doors, and lots more. There are many styles and designs that can fit just about any space you have available, from standard and affordable models to the most modern and premium ones.


If you want to transform the look and feel of your home without breaking the bank, the entryways are good places to start from.

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