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Planum 0017
Interior pocket double door, 36" x 80" (2* 18x80)
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2 YEARS WARRANTY   against defects in workmanship and materials

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In stock
Recommended opening: 73" x 84 1/2" inches.

Precision in every detail! If you have any doubts about the accuracy of your door size calculations, trust us. We offer a measurement service to ensure a perfect fit to your specifications. Your comfort is our priority!

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The T-shape floor guide groove provides better stability for the door, especially for larger or heavier doors, preventing them from wobbling or swaying.

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We offer a professional door installation service, ensuring a swift and proficient setup of your new door while dismantling the old one. Our skilled team is dedicated to saving you time and ensuring a seamless transition. We stand by the quality of our installation with a guarantee, and offer subsequent service maintenance if needed. Dismantle and removal are not included.

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We craft doors tailored to your individual measurements. Simply input your desired sizes (less than 42x96) in the comments section during the next stage of your order, and our specialists will contact you to confirm the details. Please indicate the required DOOR SLAB size in the comments field.

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Embrace the extraordinary elegance and modern aesthetic of our unique range of pocket doors and double pocket doors. Inspired by architectural designs from the world's most reputed craftsmen, these sophisticated yet practical solutions promise a transformative effect on your living space. It's akin to witnessing a butterfly emerge from its cocoon, the transformation your home will experience with our doors is unforgettable.

Exquisite Design Craftsmanship

Think of the last time you were truly awed by a beautifully designed door. A sigh of admiration escaped your lips, didn’t it? Well, that’s the kind of exquisitely crafted doors we produce. Our doors seamlessly combine premium functionality with the pure essence of artistic expression. Order and buy pocket doors from us and watch as your living space takes on a new life.

Superior built Quality

These doors, made from solid wood with honeycomb, are renowned for their superior durability. Their concrete grey complexion adds an understated elegance that is inimitable. The double doors feature a slide system type, marking them as a union of aesthetic grace and mechanical efficiency. Qualities that will soon transfer to your home when you install one of our exquisite doors.

A Game of sizes

The doors are available in the convenient size of 36" x 80" (2* 18x80). However, for the perfect fit, a recommended opening measuring 37" x 84 1/2" inches is advisable. Isn't it so much better when everything fits just where it's supposed to be? Just like a perfect piece in a puzzle, our doors are the missing piece to your perfect room.

Because location matters...

No matter where you live, we got your back. We offer choices tailored to fit your lifestyle and complement your home. From the bustling streets of New York to the sunny beaches of Miami and even to the vibrant landscape of Texas, we cater to all. Buy interior doors in Long Island and experience the transformative effect our doors bring to your home.

A well-crafted door is a Happy Home

Our doors act as an essential element, setting the tone for your house. Their elegant style subconsciously affects the mood of people around, filling the space with peace, quiet, and comfort.

Find us, Find quality

In our door shop in New York, you can explore our wide range of collection. Be it in Long Island, Miami, New York, or Texas, our doors are designed with the promise to enhance the beauty of your homes. Step into our shop today and don't just buy a door, but an experience that will be cherished for years to come.

Unleash the power of Quality

So, come, embrace innovation, style, durability, and class all bundled into one with our exclusive range of pocket doors and double pocket doors. Transform your house into your dream home, one door at a time.

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We use cookies to provide this service. Read more about how we use cookies in our policy. Please note that your location won't be shared.