Interior doors

interior doors

Are you thinking to build a new home or trying to remodel the old one or just want to replace your old damaged door unit? Actually it is right time to decide what you want next to make your home more beautiful in every prospective. You might be aware of the fact that your closet, bedroom, hallway, bathroom, living room and even the office doors, everything add a huge statement about your home. It is always important to pick the right choice during designing process so that you can generate a unique impression with your interior doors for long run.

Available doors

We are here to provide you complete information about best modern interior door design so that you can have the right choice for your construction. Read more about all modern options available for interior doors because they are endless and attractive enough. We will help you to choose perfect door style, finish and material that can suit your personality with the existing charm of your property. The best part about modern doors is that you can also develop a custom design to complement your living room or hallway.

Doors style

Interior Door Styles:

To start with designers selection procedure, first of all it is essential to understand that what options are available in market. Most of the advanced doors are designed with hinged panel, bi-fold, flush, French, pocket, sliding and other styles. Below you will find description about some of the most popular collections:

Panel Doors:

This type of door styles is commonly preferred for residential buildings. They are designed with rectangular and square patterns that usually range between single large panel type constructions to eight or higher range of panels. These modern door patterns may also incorporate decorative finishes, rounded tops as well as few additional glass inserts that make it look more glamorous.

Flush Doors 

Flush doors are designed to offer classic and clean option for home. They are usually flat and their price tag use to be budget friendly that is why you can easily find them in most of slab constructions.

Bi-fold Doors 

They are set of few interior doors that are hinged together and can fold into each other with opening and closing movements. They are generally mounted or hung from track. People love to install Bi-fold doors in their bedrooms, kitchen pantry and laundry rooms. Note that, these doors can be easily installed in small spaces where other door types cannot fit perfectly.

French Doors:

If you are creative enough to provide a dramatic touch to your entry way then French doors can better help you. These doors generally contain two hinge-hung type doors that are mounted to one side of opening and during movements they simply swing towards other side. French doors are commonly decorated with attractive decorative panels or glass inserts that can make your home more attractive. We offer wide range of French door styles for home; they are suitable to your living rooms, master bedrooms, home offices, music rooms and other display areas.

Sliding Doors:

These types of doors are less ordered by home owners. They are configured by simply hanging 2 or more modern home doors and are mounted over a track. But they do not work with that swing motion so can be easily installed in areas where floor spaces are not available. Note that, they will demand some space on either side of door to execute their back and forth motion freely.

Pocket Doors:

Here are old school style doors but they still look impressive and are now back with new appearance. They are little bit same as that of sliding doors but only one door is mounted to rolling overhead type track that use to follow sliding motion over prepared wall space. One advantage of these pocket door home is that the wall is capable enough to hide the door behind so these modern interior door options are considered best for rooms that look much impressive with closed doors. We recommend home owners to install pocket doors at toilet rooms or in passages where they would make real sense like in music rooms, closets or at the end of a room.

Types of doors

Here are few benefits of modern interior door constructions:

Technology has been revolutionized within past few years and it is setting new examples in almost every field. Same is the case with door constructions and you can observe a great change from past to the present day styles. The latest doors range between real wood designs to much higher level of finishing so that you can have the best match for your personality and interior décor.

We are here to help home owners in selection of best door units. Thus here we are including few benefits of selecting doors modern collection for your new home:

  1. Finish Options:

There is no doubt to say that hardwood doors are usually highly priced and commonly they are out of reach for most home owners. When you are in need of multiple door installations then affordability becomes a big selection parameter. In order to ensure quality with appearance and cost, one must think about composite materials. They are able to provide real wood like finish while maintaining your budget.

  1. Durability matters:

Modern interior doors are observed to offer higher durability with strength and looks. These recent composite designs can stand up against kicks of your naughty children to much repeated slams. It is essential to talk about durability with contractor while installing your new door unit, prefer to pick the higher quality for long life services.

  1. Tempered Glass Options:

Earlier, tempered glass installation option was limited to exterior doors only but now you can easily find modern interior door collections with tempered glass material. If you are dreaming about impressive and eye catching finish then it can be easily maintained with glass accents.


Height of door


Hardware for doors, locks, pulls, locks, handles, sliding systems of best quality.

There are tremendous quality options for modern interior door installation. Anyone can pick best design that can effectively complement their décor while maintaining budget range. To get your best design ideas, prices, and quotations contact professionals around you.

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