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Double pocket doors

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Enjoy the modern entrances perfected to give your home an aesthetically pleasing look. The designs are made from good quality and durable choices of solid wood and MDF. Delivery and installation are available across 48 states in the US in 3 to 7 business days. Place your order today!

Whether you want a space-saving substitute to standard ones or have the option of opening or partitioning an open-plan room anytime, double pocket interior doors are the ideal choice. The cost of wood glass pocket double doors has significantly reduced due to its popularity. They allow you to have a cozy house plan without constraining your room layout in one easy movement. Their distinctive feature is the absence of hinges. Wooden interior entries with glass extend from a space in the wall, which allows you to have considerable space in the room, unlike regular ones where the hinges usually take an area of up to one square meter.

Construction of double pocket doors for interiors

Double sliding pocket doors disappear into a wall. The door slides onto a space constructed in a wall creating a neat aesthetic to the home. This ensures that there's no interruption of foot traffic in a busy setting.

Frames are bought as a bespoke kit that accommodates your door size, and this kit comes with all the components needed for installation.

Space-saving designs like the double pocket doors for interiors are ideal for your home as they benefit small spaces.

You can repurpose an old door into a sliding one by removing the knob and replacing it with a recessed handle. These handles are available in different finishes and styles to suit your taste.

Instead of a latch, the lock mechanism of the modern double pocket door is replaced with a flip-out metal pull.

double pocket doors

Benefits of double sliding pocket entryways

  • Anyone, including people who use wheelchairs, can use them. In addition, it has an easy-to-slide mechanism as it does not require much pushing.
  • Require less floor area to function than standard ones. Their sliding nature makes them best suited for homes with confined spaces as they can quickly disappear into the wall, and you do not have to make space around the doorway for them to be open.
  • Interior pocket doors with glass ensure you have natural light flowing into the home, making your home more inviting. This also keeps down the cost of utility bills as there is no need to switch on lights during the day.
  • They create an optical illusion making a space look larger than it is. This gives room for flexibility to function as either open-plan or separate rooms.
  • It can be decorated as the adjoining walls make a room aesthetically pleasing. In addition, this concept can be used as a trick to conceal an ensuite room, creating a private space.
  • Double pocket doors with glass can be easily cleaned and maintained. The door will almost always stay partially within the space.
  • They are affordable. The kits are made from high-quality materials that are reliable and affordable for guaranteed durability.
  • The installation is easy and quick as the kits are not complicated to handle.
  • They improve air circulation and ventilation in a home. They act as oversized windows that you can slide open at any time, allowing unrestricted airflow into the house.

Where to order interior double pocket entrances

You can order 8-foot solid wood interior doors from the United Porte website and experience a seamless delivery, installation, and goods-in-transit insurance service to 48 states in the United States. We have an after-sales support team to help you in case of any help you might need any.

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