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Interior single swing doors

A swing door is that kind of door which can open towards you as well as away from you. This kind of doors swings open with a slight push or pull from any side and then swings close on its own. The device which operates the swing door is known as swing door opener. Traditionally this kind of door had a very practical function- they allowed the servants carrying trays to open the door with their backs. These days more and more homeowners are opting for single swing doors not only because of their utility but also on account of its sheer good look. All our swing doors makes use of heavy duty stainless steel hinges and our tough door panels have been specially created for wider and taller openings giving you more space than the usual French or single doors. Browse through our ultimate selection of single swing doors and find the right one which matches the aesthetics of your living space. Our tall and wide single swing doors are perfect for larger openings and enhanced natural day lighting. All our swing doors come with durable hinges which provides optimum support for the heavy weight of the panel.

Why go for a swing door?

A single swing door can be a great improvement over your door existing since which is why they are widely being used in homes, workspaces, shops, restaurants and other places. The spring loaded hinges would make sure that your door is held securely in its place. The door opens with a little push and after you have passed through it closes itself automatically. Single swing door interior are increasing in popularity because of the many advantages it offers. The ideal location where you can install this kind of door is between the kitchen and the living room. They are not just great for any living space but can also be a door to your closet. All our residential swing doors are fitted with ball bearing systems which comes in metals like stainless steel, nickel, polished chrome and brass.

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Apart from homes swing doors are also used in restaurants to separate the dining and kitchen areas. It allows the people to pass easily and quickly from both sides and makes the serving of food much easier. They are also used in nursing homes especially as the doors of the wards and operating rooms where only authorized persons are admitted. A solid wood swing door not only allows for easy movement but also creates a buffer for noise. A well designed swing door is surely a little more expensive but they are a much more convenient option than the other types of doors. They are ideal for any place (be it home or a commercial establishment) where people often walk in and out.

Let us take a quick look at the various advantages of a swing door. 

Advantages of swing doors

  • Convenience: As already mentioned before this kind of door is ideal for heavy traffic areas where people are always moving in and out. A swing panel door can help you save a lot of time and effort as you do not need to check constantly if the door is properly shut or not. If you are using regular doors for your commercial establishment then you might even require to hire a person for this job alone.
  • Safety and security: All the stylish swing doors you will find on our site can be fitted with advanced features such as wireless remote control, safety sensors, timers and lots more. This would ensure that your door can be locked or opened without you even being present on the spot. These brilliant features can immensely help in enhancing the safety and security of your home, office or shop. You can even choose to install highly advanced systems which would help in tracking the number of people passing through the door on any given day. It no wonder that more and more of our customers are now switching to the stylish swing doors.
  • They look great: The sheer good look of a swing door one of the major reason why this type of door has made its way into the home interior. You will be able to choose from various swing door options for the living rooms or kitchen area of your home. We offer a range of styles and finish in single swing doors so that you can always find the special one which matches the look and décor of your space. Our interior single swing doors come in stunning designs which are sure to make the look of your home. These are precisely the reason why these kind of doors are being used not only in homes but also at shopping malls, retail outlets, airports, hotels, hospitals etc.
  • Low Maintenance: Swing doors are highly energy efficient since they hardly require any energy to operate. All our classic swing doors have been crafted to last for decades to come without the need of any repair or maintenance. Though the swing doors are a little more costly than regular panel doors, they are going to help you save a lot of money in the long run.
  • Very easy to install: Installing the swing doors is a matter of simplicity. One sure shot way of avoiding frequent door repairs is the installation of a quality hinge. Once you invest on a good quality hinge you no longer need to be bothered about frequent door repairs.

Use our website to browse online through our ultimate collection of highly stylized swing doors. If you are looking for the most stylish and best quality single swing installed doors all you need to do is visit our website and check out our exciting offers. We offer free installation service for any swing door you buy.

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