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Classic vs Modern interior doors

Classic vs Modern interior doors

Did you know that the style of the interior doors fitted in a building can significantly impact the real estate value of the property? Since interior doors have such a big impact on the cost of a property, the design of internal doors should not be taken lightly. 

When on the lookout for modern vs classic doors, make sure you extensively study the aesthetic features of the room where the door will be fitted.

Trying to decide between the classic or traditional doors?

People tend to be drawn towards the classic door because it adds a vintage or rustic allure to their homes. A typical classic doors definition is that it is a standard everyday door, mostly manufactured from lightweight wood that is protected from weather variations. These doors can also be fitted in mansions, schools, office buildings, and flats. The classical doors have the following well-known characteristics :

  • Pigmented colors.
  • Brass fittings are like the most common bronze door handle.
  • Exposed timber. 

The most popular examples of classic doors are the plain single door, Dutch door, and French door.


What is a traditional door?


Traditional doors are usually large wooden doors that were motivated by the 18th and 19th century Georgian and Victorian times. They are perfect for achieving a more distinctive style, whilst still being contemporary in functionality and security. Traditional doors are ideal for older properties, but also incredible for adding a classic twist to more current homes. The most popular examples of traditional doors are the barn door and the saloon door.


Do you feel drawn towards the trending modern doors?

The modern door offers a modest style, renewed look, and attractive design. This modern style door is also known as a contemporary style door and is more favored in condos, studio apartments, and office spaces for the low cost and ever-changing nature of contemporary styles. 

Modern and contemporary doors are mainly characterized by a lustrous look, flat profiles, and straight lines. They have bold color schemes that balance perfectly with the layout of the inside doors. 

The more current contemporary style is designed as interior glass doors with various types of glass panels. 

  • Frosted glass produces distorted images when light passes through it. 
  • Clear glass has no tint and allows light to pass through it. 
  • Opaque glass promotes full privacy.  

Modern style doors come endowed in various finishes and designs. Popular varieties of modern style doors are:

This modern door will constantly be changing based on what is trending at the moment. 


Make the right choice

A lot must be considered when planning the design of your dream home. In the fight between modern vs classic features, it will mostly come down to the personality and style of the person designing the room. The interior design and the door must be compatible. Select an entrance that tells a story. Remember that interior doors add a final touch to the style, tone, and decor hence, knowing the distinction is vital for the decision of selecting interior doors.


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