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What type of closet door should you get?

What type of closet door should you get?

Having a cupboard in your bedchamber enhances décor and boosts the aesthetic value of your room. A stylish wardrobe entry complements the elegance of your bedroom and alters the feeling of space around your rest bay. What type of closet doors are in style, and how can you install them in your wardrobe to remain elegant? 

Cabinets are made in different types and sizes, some inbuilt and others portable. The gateway you choose for your closet depends on factors such  as:

  • The type and size of the cupboard.
  • The wall space and entry space of your bedroom.
  • The cost of purchasing and installing the barn.
  • The type of interior and exterior doors in your house.

United Porte is your ideal designer for different types and sizes of exterior and interior gateways for your house and classic gateways for your cupboard. 

Our design experts will guide you on the best choice of different type of closet doors for your wardrobe at a friendly cost without compromising quality.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best seven types of interior closet doors that are designed to suit your preference.

Bypass Closet Door

A bypass wardrobe entry opens by sliding along a track engraved at the base. The design is ideal when you have limited floor and wall space. When open, you can only access one half of the cupboard while the other half is closed. 

The bypass entrance for your cupboard is light and slides readily without exerting too much pressure. You can add to the aesthetic value of your armoire because it can be wooden with a mirror mounted on it or glass made and plain.

Bypass is the best type of closet doors for a reach-in closet with minimal floor and wall space. Read more about bypass sliding closet doors here. 

Bifold Closet Doors

A bifold gateway is built by two barns and fitting them on a track as one entry. You can open a bifold by pulling a knob that makes the entrances overlap and slide to one side.

If your cabinet space is small, you should go for a bifold closet doors types because it saves space and is easy to open and close. One drawback of these gateways is their tendency to slip off the track, wasting time fixing it back and increasing their wear and tear rate.

Sliding Barn Door

A door barn is built to the closet’s exterior and opens by resting along the wall. Do you have plenty of wall space and minimal floor space? This is the ideal cabinet gateway for you. You can adjust it to any size of the opening, and it fits both reach-in and walk-in wardrobes.

If you're searching for sliding closet doors, search no more because our experts will gladly assist you in choosing the distinctive design that matches the modern vision of the contemporary home

Pocket doors

Also known as patio doors, they open by gliding into a pocket and rest on the barricade, saving floor space. If you are conservative, these are the ideal wardrobe entrances for you with an ancient look. You need skilled personnel to install pocket entrances for your wardrobe since they need to create a hole in the wall.

One advantage of these closet door types is that you can build them in your storeroom, shower room, and mudroom. It modifies the beauty of your bedroom without creating a dramatic flair.

Closet Swinging Door

An armoire swinging gateway has the same appearance as other interior entrances in your house. The gateway has three hinges fixed on the wardrobe and opens to the outside. If your room has ample space and you like concealing the items in your closet, these are the ideal types of closet doors for bedrooms. 

Pivot doors

Shaft entrances are fixed to the upper and lower parts of your cabinet; hence usually open fully. If your bedroom is spacious, this wardrobe door type is suitable for you. You can make shaft entrants in different designs, such as bypass and barn.

One demerit of this gateway is the need for a professional to install, which comes with high expenditure. Pivot is not the ideal type of closet door for small spaces.

French Closet Entrants

A unique walk-in entrant that allows you to reach the whole walk-in. The barns are fixed on the external side of the wardrobe, and you open them by pulling a knob.

The French cabinet is ideal for a spacious bedchamber.


Closet doors are a great asset to the interior décor of your bedroom. When selecting a cupboard, pick one that compliments the feel of space and blends well with other interior entrants and furniture. 

At United Porte, we care about the general outlook of your house. Our professional designers will guide you to the right choice of gateway models and offer installation services at a pocket-friendly cost. Contact us now and enjoy our exclusive discounts.

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