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How to install an exterior door step by step?

How to install an exterior door step by step?

A home entrance is the most outstanding decorative feature of the house; thus, it requires regular replacement. A unique exterior door is a key to boosting the charm and upgrading the look of the exterior architecture. Additionally, a suitable entry door provides a focal point for guests to admire and hints at the possible style inside. We've outlined a simple procedure on how to install an exterior door with ease. 

Steps for installation of entrance doors

 Exterior doors eventually bind, creak, scrape the floor, or refuse to close after some time fully. It is primarily attributed to paint buildup, seasonal changes, loose hinges, and joints between the stiles and rails. Study this guide for exterior door installation tips.


Step 1. Measure the entryway area.

 It is advised to install exterior doors shipped out pre-hung. Such doors are assembled to the frame with hinges, and holes for the hardware drilled in. 

  • Measure the dimensions of the entryway to get the correct sizes.

Step 2. Push out the old door 

  • Using your screwdriver, loosen all screws and nails.
  • Once loose, push out the door to expose the entryway opening.

Step 3. Plump the sides of the rough opening

  • Examine the perimeter of the rough opening to see if they are plump with a carpenter's level. 
  • If uneven, install shims where needed. A space of 1 inch must be maintained between the door and the frame.

Step 4. Apply z-flashing tape on the entryway opening

  • Roll the z-flashing tape on the entryway opening, slowly beginning on the lowest edge followed by the sides, and lastly, the ceiling. 
  • Press the tape down to make it tight against the surface and prevent wrinkling. 

Step 5. Replace exterior prehung door

  • Put caulk on the walls of the rough entryway opening and install front door.
  • Put in tiny triangular slices of wood (shims) inside the tight spaces, the hinge, the latch to tighten the frame.
  • Drive screws to tighten the door hinges. 
  • To tighten the latch side, partly push nails into the frame.
  • Put in a shim in the center of the latch wall, examine to see if the door frame is smooth, and completely press in the upper and lower nails to tighten the latch wall.
  • Using a putty blade, spread pieces of putty paste on the outer boundaries of the door.

Tools needed for easy door mounting

Majority of entrance doors are shipped prehung and their hardware in place. It makes them simpler to put in. Read the safety guide, clear your working environment, and  ensure you assemble the listed prehung exterior doors installation tools: 

  • Prehung door kit
  • Screwdriver and drill
  • Carpenter's level
  • Flashing tape
  • Caulk gun 
  • Insulation tape
  • Shims
  • Putty blade 

Looking for a prehung exterior door?

Improved comfort, money savings, peace, and safety all depend on how you install the internal door. Thus, It is vital to comprehend the need for correct door installation. Order entry doors with glass or wood furnishings from us, quality guaranteed.


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