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How to install pocket doors?

How to install pocket doors?

Pocket doors are the go-to for homeowners looking into witty approaches to maximizing space. These innovations are very flexible and convenient when you still want to use tight spaces but are useful to your needs.

It is easier to mistake pocket doors as a new thing, but the truth is that these types were omnipresent during the Victorian era. 

Pocket technology will not only save space but will give that vintage touch to your home. Luckily these retro products can be installed easily without much of a hassle.

Despite all the buzz about saving space in your interiors, the holy grail is how to install pocket doors. Before becoming a self-made doorman, at least make sure you know and understand the mechanics of DIY installation as taught here.

You wonder- is it hard to install a pocket door? This article provides you with relevant hard skills, you might become your family savior if they want more space. Restoring that bathroom, pantry, or bedroom space should therefore never again feel like finding life on planet Mars.

Watch an extra space unfold out of the blue with easy DIY steps we have gathered for you. Installing a pocket door will forever remain simple. Grab your cup of coffee, read this blog, internalize our titbits, and you will have made a good decision for your house.

The best DIY for pocket doors

We have done thorough research for you, and here is how to put in pocket doors in 6 easy steps:

Step 1: attach the header

After confirming sufficient space, removal of drywall, studs, plates and sorting, plumbing, and electrical setup, a header should be attached. Make sure you select and order from United Porte since we offer high-quality yet affordable frames and doors hardware.

Step 2: fix split jambs

The next step to adding a pocket door involves split studs. It will be easier to slide through split jambs since studs are grooves. To work effectively, studs should be fitted to both the header and floor. 

Step 3: attach the brackets

Along the top, fix sliding brackets and then slide the rolls inside the hollow channel.

Step 4: mount the door

Fix the pin to the door plate and pull the lock into position. Do it again with an additional plate and hanger. Fit a guide at the bottom to maximize easy sliding without rubbing.

Step 5: put the new drywall

Attach new drywall to fix the open section holding the newly-fixed door.

Step 6: connect the trim

With the header and side jambs, correctly measure and join the trim around the new installment. You might want to utilize screws because they can’t “eat” the chamber and prevent sliding. 

See how happy you are because hanging a pocket door is easy!

What tools do you need for pocket door installation?

After finding proper tools, how long does it take to install a pocket door? It should take you at least half a day to create that spare space you craved for. However, you still might need an extra day to finish everything. To speed up the DIY steps, you will require the tools listed below:

  • Pocket interior doors
  • Screwdriver
  • Nail set
  • Drill
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Drywall saw
  • Circular saw
  • Chisel
  • Paddle bit 


It will be easy to install pocket technology once you follow the DIY steps demonstrated in this article. We offer a variety that comes in different materials, colors, and sizes. Our high quality pocket doors are effortless to clean and maintain.  

The designs are made from eco-friendly materials that retain their original beauty and strength through all seasons. You can also check other types at doors manufacturer United Porte when building or remodeling your home. Contact us now for more exclusive discounts.


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