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Larson Storm Doors Buyer’s Guide

Larson Storm Doors Buyer’s Guide

Larson front doors have been a popular option for homeowners for over 65 years. Whether you want to shield your living room from bad weather, provide ventilation, or enhance curb appeal, a Larson storm door offers the perfect solution. 

However, if you’re considering a storm door for the first time or you’re planning an upgrade, there are important things you need to factor in before making the purchase. Here is a comprehensive storm door buying guide to get you started. 

Why Buy a Storm Door?

The decision to buy and install storm door ultimately depends on your home needs and aesthetic preferences. Nonetheless, there are numerous advantages of having one in your front or back entryway, including: 

  • Natural light penetration and ventilation: storm doors come with a glass shield that allows natural light and air to flow freely into your living room while keeping pests and insects at bay. 
  • Energy efficiency: insulating barriers in their design prevent heat loss, drafts, or air leakages to help you cut energy costs.
  • Weather protection: you can buy storm door online and shield your interior home against harsh weather elements, whether storms, heavy rain, or strong winds. 
  • Enhanced security: most options will burglar-proof your room with durable locks, reinforced corners, and sturdy frames. 

Types of Larson Storm Doors 

One of the reasons that make Larson a popular brand is the wide range of storm doors that it offers to suit the intricate needs and preferences of every homeowner. This includes: 

Full-view storm doors

As the name suggests, this option features a large transparent, etched, or decorative glass panel that offers a clear view of the outdoor area. They are an ideal option if you want to busk in the natural light with unobstructed visibility of what is happening on the outside. 

Screen away storm doors

This option is ideal for homeowners who want to enjoy the convenience of a retractable screen that can be rolled up for privacy or down into the frame when not in use. The design allows you to switch to full ventilation or protection against garden insects whenever you desire. 

Ventilating storm doors

This option has adjustable glass panels and screens that run independently. It is an ideal option for regulating airflow and ventilation, especially during mild weather. 

Security storm doors

The top features of this category include impact-resistant glass shields, reinforced frames, and burglar-proof locks for enhanced security. It's an ideal option for homeowners who want peace of mind and protection against forceful intruders. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Larson Storm Door

As noted earlier, there are crucial factors to take into account when buying a Larson storm door from an online doors shop for the first time. They include: 

Door size and fit

It will help if you measure the accurate dimensions of your entryway so that you can pick an option that fits in properly. Prevalent measurements that you need to account for when doing this include height, width, thickness, and the opening direction. 

Frame material

There is a range of frame materials to choose from, including vinyl, wood core, and aluminum., Whichever option you settle for, ensure that it offers maximum durability without sacrificing aesthetics. It will also help if the material is easy to maintain. 

Glass type and thickness

You can choose from a range of glass types, including decorative, tinted, and clear. It all depends on what you prefer. But nonetheless, watch out for thickness to ensure that it's enough optimum soundproofing and insulation functionalities.

Color and finish options

There are endless color options to choose from when it comes to Larson doors, as they come in an array of finishes. When it comes to this, go with an option that complements the exterior décor of your home and matches your personal taste. 

Screen options

Prevalent screen options to choose from include retractable, adjustable, and interchangeable glass and screen panels. Select an appropriate style that gives you the convenience of a specific functionality whenever you want—whether it's enhancing airflow or locking out garden insects. 

Security features

Evaluate the security properties of your viable option to ensure that they include burglar-proof glass, reinforced frames, and durable locks. Even better, you can go for custom security features, such as metal grilles and multi-point locking functionalities. 

Energy efficiency

Important energy efficiency features to have in mind when buying storm doors include insulation, weatherstripping, or the low-E glass certification standard. These features are critical, especially if you're going to lower energy consumption or waste to save costs.

Installation of Larson Storm Doors 

Now that you know how to buy a storm door, what is the installation process, especially if you got the Larson brand? Well, here is an overview of what you need, how to go about it, and the mistakes to avoid:

Tools needed

  • Phillips and flathead screwdrivers 
  • Pliers 
  • Tape measure 
  • Level
  • Drill
  • Safety glasses 

Steps to install a storm door

  • Prepare your entryway frame to remove any debris or obstructions 
  • Position the hinge rail against the frame to mark the areas for drilling pilot holes 
  • Drill the holes and fasten the hinge to the frame using screws 
  • Attach the storm door to the hinge rail and fit it correctly
  • Install hinge pins plus any additional hardware
  • Leverage a level to ensure the entryway is plumb and test its functionality 
  • Finalize the installation—you can paint the door frame or add caulk to provide an extra layer of weather protection 

Common mistakes to avoid

Taking wrong measurements means you’ll buy a storm door that doesn’t fit in your entryway properly

Overtightening the screws, which can damage the frame

Overlooking the manufacturer’s instructions, resulting in the wrong installation 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Larson Storm Doors 

How long does a Larson storm door last?

Over 20 years. However, whether yours will stand the test of time for up to two decades depends on a range of factors, including quality, installation, and maintenance routine. 

Can I install a storm door on my own?

Yes, especially if you prefer an option that includes a Larson storm door custom size. You only need a hacksaw, screw gun, short lever, and the manufacturer’s guide to make it a fun DIY project. 

How much does a Larson storm door cost?

The cost of Larson storm doors varies, depending on color, size, and level of customization. However, you can find relatively affordable Larson storm doors prices online, especially from authorized suppliers. 

Are Larson storm doors energy efficient?

Yes, the Low-E coating functionality on the glass panel prevents heat from escaping your living space during winter. It also blocks radiant heat during summer to optimize energy consumption. 


Larson storm doors make a good option thanks to an all-in-one functionality—from insulation and curb appeal to security and weather protection. Consider United Porte if you're looking for where to buy storm door for your front or back entryway, and save up more with endless variety.


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