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What does your exterior door color say about you?

What does your exterior door color say about you?

Palms, tarot cards, tea bags, astrology, horoscopes, friends, and family — over time, all these have had a thing to say about us and our personalities. Now, it’s time to give our exterior door colors a chance. 

Entry doors are more than expressions of our fashion style. They are portals to our sanctuaries that come in different designs and colors. The colors tell us about ourselves and what we want the world to know. Plus, they often bear some historical meanings that may have been lost over the years.

Are you curious about the current color reading? Or do you want to add a fresh coat and wonder about the meanings of front door colors? Let’s see some color of doors meaning and how they impact the front of our homes besides raising the curb appeal.

Your personality description by a front door color 

If you have ever asked, “what do front door colors mean?” It’s time to get answers. Let’s see your readings, shall we?

Red exterior doors

As one of the most popular colors, red is your best option if you want that blend of peace, excitement, and adventure. And if you like to host parties, rest assured your guests would know they are welcome for an exciting event right from the entrance.

Red front doors meaning can even be traced back to the colonial era.

According to early American history, red front doors indicated that the dwellers were open to receiving travelers for the night. For the Scottish, it was a bold statement that you had paid off your mortgage, like the literal “Out of the red.” And the Irish believe that it keeps evil spirits away. 

Yellow exterior doors

Do you want to be that ray of sunshine on your block? Yellow is that bold choice that is sure to make an impression. The color depicts optimism, cheerfulness, and enthusiasm. So, when visitors see a yellow entrance, they expect the owners to be warm, bubbly, upbeat, and generally radiate positivity.

Yellow front door meaning also varies with shades. While the vibrant hues of yellow, like the sun and flowers, are more modern and reflect confidence, the pale shades are more orthodox, like you’d see in farmhouses or cottages.

Brown exterior doors

The brown color expresses the house owners’ warm, reliable (light brown) or introverted, private (dark brown) personalities. In feng shui, brown and other earthy house door colors meaning are associated with the earth element (like the earth benders.)

It depicts balance, stability, and warmth and connects the family to the strength of Mother Earth.

However, while the color may seem practical, guests could interpret this color as plain or humorless (like the earth benders). But if you like it and want to try it, go for a lighter paint shade, as that will be a warmer and softer alternative.

Brown exterior doors

White exterior doors

For an improved curb appeal, white is a safe choice, like something you go for when you don’t want to stress a decision.

White entry doors also show a fresh, immaculate, breezy feeling. If you are drawn to the purity of white, you may be perceived as one who likes things serene, simple, tidy, well-organized, or just into the modern Scandinavian design. 

Even as the most common color and least neutral of the neutrals, white house door color meaning indicates cleanliness and might make visitors overly conscious about leaving a stain.

White exterior doors

Black exterior doors

“What does the color of your door mean?” Many have asked this question before going for the bold black.

Like that neutral must-have black shoe in every rack, black entry doors are solid structures that suit every home decor. It’s been known to depict power, sophistication, thoroughness, mystery, boldness, and that traditional elegance. 

You can also have a playful twist with a shiny veneer to give a trendy glamor of a timeless classic—and give your house that safe and well-protected look.

When your guests knock, they expect to be ushered into a stylish, well-organized, semi-formal interior.

Black exterior doors

Blue exterior doors

Like the calm blue seas, a blue front entrance is connected to calmness, trust, relaxation, honesty, and responsibility. 

With this color, the question, “what does your front door say about you?” depends on the shades and respective personalities.

Light blue means you favor a relaxed and casual environment, making it perfect

for beach and coastal homes. You are positive, a good listener, and appreciate the gift of friendships. 

Dark blue says you are stricter and more conservative but remain fun, trustworthy, and dependable. You prefer an organized, calm life and appreciate more traditional, antique, or historical details. 

Teal door meaning is a blend of calmness, creativity, and positivity perfect for conventional curbs.

On the other hand, a bright royal blue says you are 100% interested in having fun and meeting people.

Blue exterior doors

Orange exterior doors

Orange is often used to express fun and creativity. And like yellow, an orange exterior indicates a warm-hearted resident. 

So, having an orange touch is an announcement that you’re warm, inviting, refreshing, and free-spirited. Orange is attractive, but the more vibrant the shade of orange, the more attention your curb will get.

For lighter and more muted oranges, one can expect residents with more soothing and mellow personalities.

However, because orange paint is one of the cheapest, the overall quality of your home will determine the orange door meaning.

At first glance, people may assume you’re cheap. But if you have beautiful interior decor, you’ll own the orange as your “unique taste.”

What is the best color for the front door?

With the many interpretations of what door colors mean, the best options will depend on which speaks to you and what you want it to tell your guests and neighbors.

According to Houzz, most people prefer their exterior doors in black, white, gray, wood, blue, red, and yellow.

You can also consider the color of your house before making a decision. For example, Navy

blue often goes well with light blue or gray, while black compliments a brick home.

Burgundy will match a gray, green, or tan house. And for white or entry doors with glass, they complement any deep-tone color. With the right combination, even colors in dark shades can be happy, warm, and welcoming. 

Final words

Front doors are more than entrances to your house. They are also a representation of your style, taste, and personality.

We have answered the question, “what does the color of your front door mean?” and have seen that every color has a distinct interpretation.

So, in choosing the right color, go for one that will exude positive energy, make your home outstanding, and make your guests comfortable. The good news is that whatever your choice, United Porte has a front door color and design to cater to your requirements. 

Our consultants are available to talk to discuss your needs, answer your questions, and give your curb appeal a lift.

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