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Interior, exterior doors: all the Swing, Double/French, Barn, Closet Bypass, Pocket and Double Pocket, as well as all Entry doors are available to you with a special discount this week:
2 doors = 5%,
3-4 doors = 6%,
5-7 doors = 7%,
8-10 doors = 10%,
10-14 doors = 12%,
15 and more doors = 15% Discount
Hurry up, limited time only
Slabs only not a subject of this promo.

Your exterior and internal doors can leave a lasting impression on the beauty of your property. Whether you're buying a steel or wooden entry door, make it send the right message about you.

What types of doors can be on sale in United Porte

United Porte is offering you the cheapest wooden doors on the market! And it's only reasonable that this fantastic offer is available for a limited period.

Let's explore the common types of doors on sale at United Porte:

  • French doors. They control the lighting and vision of a room and determine how much light penetrates your space. Wooden interior french doors can be prehung, frosted for privacy like bathroom doors, or transparent like restaurant doors.
  • Closet doors: They're perfect for spaces that don't have enough room for a regular door. Interior closest doors fold inside or outside and are mostly used in wardrobes and bedroom closets.
  • Prehung: This simple regular door is the most common entranceway. It is found in homes, workplaces, shops, and schools. They come with a slab already fixed to the frame which makes it pretty easy to install.
  • Barn doors: They open and close in any direction and barely need a knob or handle since you can open them with a push.
  • Pocket doors: As the name suggests, they run a single track that disappears into the wall. This style is best used when there isn't enough space to open into.
  • Sliding doors. They're either pocket-styled or may come with frames. Some have single slabs with one track and others have two doors meeting at the center of one track. You can even install a door with two sliding panels opening left or right with each fixed to its track.

Contact us today to order internal doors at a discounted price. You can also browse through our catalog to check our exterior doors on sale.

Discounts and special offers on doors. Internal & entry doors on sale

Where to order discounted doors in the US?

Whether you're looking to purchase sophisticated, well-designed entry, interior, or exterior doors that stand the test of time, United Porte is where you should place your order. Hurry now to buy discount wood doors and have them shipped in 3-7 business days.

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